About Us


Rachel and Karl – we are the two halves of
Wardle & Jones.


I am the Wardle half of Wardle & Jones.  It's my smile
you'll usually see as you come through the door, hear
over the phone or read in an email from us.  The Jones
half adds his expertise on History, Politics, Philosophy,
Sci-Fi and coffee, plus his beardy smile, every other
Saturday when not out doing a 'proper' job!


I favour fiction over non-fiction when reading for pleasure now but have a balance of non-fiction knowledge from my past and continue to learn more from you, our customers, and Mr Jones every day.  I also love children's books and am more likely to be found perusing our children's stock than reading a book aimed at grown ups.  I'm not a coffee drinker but do try the coffee each time we change the blend to make sure I start to know what I like and can understand from you what you like best – with the hope of developing our own Wardle & Jones blend in future.

We opened on 20th June 2015 after a frenetic 5 weeks of work from both family and some of the most conscientious trades people I've ever met – so if you need a recommendation for a carpenter, joiner, builder, plasterer, plumber...then you know where to come!


We made the decision to open a book shop after lots of talking, thinking, research and training.  It is the one thing Karl and I had always talked about doing together with true excitement.  I was aiming to find my sparkle again after leaving a 12 year career as a Project Manager at a Life & Pensions company. And it was definitely the right decision – it's back and we love being in Scarborough.


We looked at various locations for a shop but settled on Scarborough to be closer to family – you'll quite often find my dad in the comfy chair in the corner enjoying a brownie or my niece bringing you your biscuits!  Equally we wanted to bring an independent book shop back to the town, and to Bar Street in particular.  The arts and literary presence in Scarborough is already strong and continues to grow - this is something we aim to be increasingly involved in.


Having said that, Wardle & Jones is a place for everyone to enjoy being around books in a safe, comfy environment.  It's most definitely not a place exclusively for an arty, well-read set – it is a place where you'll most likely meet the sort of person you've never spoken to before.  Where you'll learn something about people, life, ideas, not only from books but from whoever is here at the time.  I want to create a place where every member of our community – locals and visitors – feels welcome and accepted, so pop in and see how it feels to you.

Wardle and Jones

36 Bar St


N Yorks

YO11 2HT

telephone: 01723 353260



twitter: @wardleandjones